the mania makes itself known
I want to cover myself, head to toe, with Saran wrap.
I want to die, and not because life sucks – I want to be a ghost, so I can walk through walls like a fucking badass.
I want to pull a plethora of petunias right outta my pussy; I am a magician!
God, if my life was a movie, this is the synopsis. No – this is the climax, and I don’t intend to ever leave the top of this mountain –
I am touching the clouds, feeling them up, in fact, the clouds asked for my number and they’re free this weekend.
Meet me where I’m at – on the floor in my livingroom
My brother is playing the piano and I hope the thing falls on me – I want to see things from the keyboard’s perspective.
I want to lasso a bird and make it fly me to Japan or something,
Drop me right in the middle of Tokyo with my ripped jeans and dark lipstick!
Sing me a ballad about falling in love then joining a cult then moving to California then becoming the lead singer of a famous rock band then dying in a sailboat in the middle of the Pacific –
You read me?
Sure, you read me, like an open book, like windowpanes, I’m just a clusterfuck of solemnity and bird noises and laughing like the world is smaller than a pebble piled on the livingroom floor.
If I could be anyone else, I would be my piano because I want to touch myself forever.
I’m an accredited badass lover –
I will hold your hand, make you a pizza, and we can go to Narnia through my closet. And
If you leave, well, I wish you the best because I’m a playwright and I will erase you from my masterpiece – you missed your chance at Broadway.
I can scrape you right out of my arteries because your circumstances do not define my self-reflection –
I don’t care if you don’t like holes, I’ll put them in my face anyway.
I don’t care if you don’t like poems, I will craft the squishiest, mushiest, most vomit-inducing comets of poetry you have ever seen.
I will get lost in the woods, naked –
You will never see me again because I am sleeping in the clouds and fucking the forest floor –
My bed will stay empty –
I am racing down the highway in the rain at midnight because my feet are lovers to the freezing blacktop and
It traces down my forehead with fleeting filial fingers.
I am restless! I am your dragon breath!
I am eternal and fading and sinking into the ground.