We are hiding in cardboard boxes,
Duct-taped shut and stuck in the attic.
Sometimes you think about us,
Wish you brought us with you, but
You were bringing too many neckties
For us to fit in the suitcase.
How would you introduce us to your colleagues? you think,
What would your spouse say if we woke you in the night?
We are Pokémon battles so lighthearted
The boxes are shaking with the sound of laughter and Rayquaza’s dragoncries.
We are recipes for fresh banana bread with chocolate chips thrown on top –
We always got you up for school on time.
We are broken boxes of candy cigarettes and
Baseball cards,
The elementary-school art pieces your mom ripped off the walls because you didn’t want your friends to see it,
The teddy bears that made people laugh at you,
So she threw us in boxes because she doesn’t want you to forget us.
You haven’t forgotten us;
You still think about us sometimes.
We miss you,
We love you, but
We will wait forever until you come back.