For your reference, I will keep a note on my front door

I know you will not enter through the back, you practical boy, you –
Are you smart enough to leave the windows alone?:
I am away for the winter.
The snow was like pencil shavings reminding me of mistakes erased so many times the paper tore.
I tried to run around the block – I had to escape from the fireplace – but I kept slipping and it was catching up to me.
A puddle soaked my shoe and my foot had hypothermia –
You get the idea.
I know winter’s your favorite season.
I know you want me to lay with you next to the fireplace,
Skip going home in favor of your teddybear arms, but
I can’t stay.
I am a shooting star,
A hammerhead shark,
A fireball shot,
I am meant to thrive alone.
I love your teddybear arms and snowflake eyes and pomegranate lips – you know I do – but
I can’t stay.
Burying my face into your chest is suffocation.
Holding your hand is squeezing my neck.
Looking into your snowflake eyes and kissing your pomegranate lips is full-body restraints, handcuffs, neck brace, I can’t move, I can’t stay.
I am away for the winter; it is much too cold.