When you say hello

We met again at the dentist’s office.
I was playing(like it’s a kid’s game)with dominoes.
You were staring them up and down
Like I needed to prove something through
My rollercoasters built of crayonic scribbles in the shape of dominoes –
I was simply waiting for the dentist;
I was building skyscrapers while you took the stairs(I know
You wanted the elevator and you knew I knew but neither was the wiser)
You knelt next to me with a white-tooth smile(so why are you seeing the dentist) (my teeth are yellow why are you here)
“What are you building?”
“Well, I like it a lot”(sly smile)
Said you when you .tapped. the first domino
The first act of creation in this desolate waiting room with a space heater and headlines
The first domino fell it ////fell//// and what happened next)
One after the other
Timble tumble truffle(dentist won’t be happy)stuck between my teeth.
She taps my shoulder in the waiting room,
Watches tears peel from my eyes screamily and
You just sit there smiling at the falling dominoes like
You can’t see me ?cry/(((YOU MADE THEM FALL
She said we could have the procedure right here, where I knelt
…procedure? / Yes, sirree.
She found truffles in my forced-apart jawbones
Prepared to needle Novocaine right into my gums –
As if on cue –
The last domino(whisperingly)