Author’s Note: My brother challenged me to write a poem about a dessert using the words zen, racquet, dapper, and acoustics. Enjoy.

About a Cinnamon Bun

Baking cinnamon buns is a commitment –
A true practice in zen
A rolling pin on dough like a squeegee on a doughy tennis court,
A spatula twisting in a bowl like a racquet wielded by an idle player.
Swirl together cinnamon and sugar,
Dip in fingers to sweeten my tongue.
Butter to sweeten the court with cinnamon-sugar snow.
Dough dressed, anything but dapper –
My tastebuds are the judge, and
They judge sexy as hell.
My mouth has great acoustics
The sound of crunching a crispy cinnamon bun
(Like the racket of a tennis ball sharply slamming against a racquet on a serve)
Reverberates down into my belly.