Author’s Note: It appears as if the writing bug has bit me. Expect a LOT of poetry over the next few days woot woot.

I can’t stop thinking about kissing you

I need you.
Skin against skin, but
Torn away.
Our bones clatter together
Like windchimes.
A singsong verse,
A chord struck
By a tuning fork,
Drumbeat hearts
Dancing together.
I’ve never tasted you
Nor have I smelled
Quite like you.
In my head,
Our lips clash
Like cymbals,
Like symbols,
Like hieroglyph drumsticks.
We will be tripping
Over each other,
Rolling down the hills
Of our bodies,
Noises spilling out
Of us –
Laughter flying
From our throats,
When our hands find their
Way back home,
(Farting means we’re human so
We can laugh about that too).
Eyes matching
Like ripe blueberries,
Like windchimes
In the key of G,
Like our lips
When they finally
Find each other.