Good Girl

You should be missing who you were
Skinny skinny skinny
Was a flower break a stem
Fragrant pageant dress cinched at the waist
Pretty little skinny little waist
Toothpick thighs break with a stare but oh those toothpicks were stuck into something
Self-control practice self-control depend on self-control:::
Pretty skinny pretty skinny
No dessert no garbanzo beans eat lettuce eat dirt straight from the ground stay
Skinny skinny skinny
Normal normal normal normal normal
On your knees like a good girl
Take catcalls with thankyous like a good girl
Hate other girls like a good girl
Don’t dream about girls
You can’t love boys and girls or girls or girls
You’re straight so
Get on your knees like a fucking good girl
No needles on your skin how could you let them do that to you how could you let them put ink in your skin as if ink were the most important thing to you)
(don’t write in ink don’t use a pen you can’t use a pen you can’t write those useless love notes those stupid poems never (will see the light of day)
Doesn’t mean anything, just a misplaced ornament on a tree don’t be a tree be a branch skinny skinny skinny
Breakable, like a lady like a good girl
Bleach the blue from your hair you were born a blonde you were prettier when you were blonde prettier when your hair was long let your hair grow long again you were so much prettier look like a lady like a good girl
How could you do this to your face you look like a bull you look like a punk I know you are a good girl you are a truly good girl how could you let them do this to you
How could you eat so much you used to like being pretty being skinny being sub-one-hundred
You used to like being called normal you were straight you were smart you were a goody-two-shoes so
Get on your knees like a fucking good girl
You’re a good girl acting like some fucking queer punkass get on your knees bitch I can’t love someone I can’t break get skinny stay skinny bleach yourself to bone
Next thing you know you’ll be summoning Satan with your stained skin you shit shit shit SHIT –
You’d be lucky if someone catcalled you.
You don’t want to be like this
You want to be pretty skinny pretty skinny normal like a
Good girl.