Read It Here: Get Skinny Fast

Learn to suck in your stomach.
Sweatpants make you eat more –
Don’t fall for it.
Green tea boosts your metabolism, and
So does seven hours of cardio,
Seven days a week.
Eat an ice cube for every stomach rumble,
Chew a piece of gum,
Bite down on a celery stick then
Spit it right out.
Don’t eat after 6 pm,
No egg yolks,
No white bread,
No jelly, no jam because you have enough of that hanging around your waist.
No one will love you if you don’t Get Skinny Fast –
Get Skinny Now.
You need to get skinny.


The best body is one that is breathing;
If your lungs are expanding and your heart is beating,
You don’t have to abandon yourself.
There is no better, only different.
Legs can run on the nature trail by your house and jump for joy –
Arms can high-five, lift cardboard boxes into your new apartment, hold your little sister on your lap –
Faces can teach you sunsets and smiles and music and feelings –
Bodies fight wars for you,
Explore for you,
See what’s in store for you –
You are not a problem to be fixed,
You are not an advice column,
You are not a headline.